Grennes Dracan
Hand-rendered identity for a Nova Scotia surf hostel
Illustration, Branding
Zora Employee Onboarding
Designing the onboarding experience for new employees at a next generation rental platform
Graphic Design, Illustration, Entrepreneurship
A wellness game for companies where coworkers compete to earn points for healthy activities
Branding, Illustration, Product Design
Stilbude Cafe
Hand-drawn collateral and signage for an organic popsicle shop
Lettering, Illustration, Signage
Explainer video for a construction supply delivery startup
Motion Design, Illustration, Copywriting
Nu Condoms
Changing how Brazilians relate to safe sex through design innovation
Branding, Illustration, Product Design
Konstru Explainer Video
Konstru makes it easy for building designs to move across programs
Motion Design, Illustration, Copywriting, Workshop
MentalHappy Promos
Physical lettering to promo a care package delivery startup
Lettering, Photography
Hummingbird Kinetics
Motion Design, Illustration, Copywriting, Voiceover
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