Empowering cannabis industry professionals with crowdsourced best practices
The green rush that followed cannabis legalization brought with it two major problems: a lack of established best practices, and fast-talking con men. If you’re beginning your career in this budding industry, where do you go for trustworthy information? If you’re an entrepreneur looking to start your business right, how do you verify someone knows what they’re talking about?

SD6 was created to help the professionals in cannabis to crowdsource industry best practices by asking and answering questions from their peers. A user’s contributions of knowledge are then tied to a reputation score that can be used to help prove knowledge and experience.
When SD6 first launched, branding in the cannabis industry was full of tropes: weed leaves and rastafarian colours were everywhere. To stand out, I created a stark, type focused logo, using billowing clouds of ink to reference smoke, and bring a sense of intrigue to the brand.

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